Farkouth Testimonial


Nicole Levy, Executive Director nlevy@lmslancers.org

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“LMS feels like home for our family.”

A burden has been lifted from Tereiza Farkouth’s shoulders and she is grateful.

Tereiza, 19, is the sister of two current Luther Memorial students and a recent graduate. The Farkouth family, of Sudanese descent, emigrated to the U.S. from Egypt in 2015. In the fall of 2017, Luther Memorial stepped into the family’s life, sharing their challenges and supporting and encouraging Tereiza’s siblings – fifth grader Hiba; seventh grader Tahir and 2020 graduate Hanadi.

“It is such a relief to me to know that my siblings are somewhere safe all day and are taken care of,” says Tereiza. “LMS feels like home for our family.”

The first two years in the U.S. were difficult ones. Because her mother does not speak English and works long hours, it fell to Tereiza to cope with all the details of helping her siblings settle into life in the U.S. 

The children faced a tough time as they started to learn English in a public school with other immigrants. Tahir, Tereiza’s brother, especially had difficulty adjusting. He was unable to stand up for himself due to his poor English skills and developed a defensive attitude that sometimes erupted into confrontations, especially on the bus.

Through a local tutoring program, the family heard about Luther Memorial and enrolled.

 “As soon as we got to Luther Memorial, I felt like things were going to be ok,” says Tereiza. “Everyone there supports me so much. They call me when there is a problem.”

The highlight of the school year for the Farkouth family is the LMS Christmas program. The children were raised in their mother’s Christian faith. “I cancel whatever I have going on that day. It’s a really big day for my brother and sisters and I want to be there for them.”

“I see Jesus in my siblings,” says Tereiza. “I’m so happy they’re surrounded by believers at Luther Memorial.”