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Alexa Grandberry, LMS Graduate

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Lutheran West
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Saint Martin de Porres
Cleveland School of the Arts
St. Ignatius
St. Edward
Holy Name
Saint Joseph Academy

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LMS Alumna plans future helping others

LMS Alumna Alexa Grandberry says she is ready to step into the next chapter of her life.

As a Sports Management major at Kent State University, her dream is to one day build an athletic training facility for low-income children. In high school, she remembers seeing athletes who could afford to get specialized training in their sport. She would like to be able to level the playing field and give all kids that opportunity, regardless of ability to pay.

Alexa was in the first graduating class of Luther Memorial after it was rebuilt in 2002. The school grew as Alexa grew and as one of only two students in her class, she says she was naturally called on to be a leader.

Alexa stepped into leadership roles at Kent State—as director of fundraising for the Integrated Greek Council; a member of Black United Students, and Community Service Chair of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Gamma Epsilon chapter.

During college, Alexa worked for Eye for Change Youth & Family Services in Cleveland. She spent time each week with two young girls, building a relationship, helping them with homework, listening to their concerns and taking them on outings, like to the zoo and roller skating.

“Having grown up in Cleveland too, I can relate to their challenges,” says Alexa. “It’s rewarding to help them through some of the same things I faced.”

Our Graduates are...

Faith Filled

  • They demonstrate a personal relationship with Jesus, rooted in understanding of God’s Word
  • They see God’s provision in every trial and triumph
  • They focus on caring for others in a way that glorifies God
  • They practice standing up for what is right
  • They shares the Gospel confidently


  • They are knowledgeable about the skills needed to seek out and hold onto future opportunities
  • They are critical thinkers that are able to find creative solutions to challenges
  • They are curious and demonstrate a love for learning
  • They are strong—persevering through challenges
  • They are skillful communicators